Our Story

Best told with whisky.

Golden yellow Australian wattle flowers glow in the sunlight.

Father and son.

Founded by the Saar family, in Melbourne, Australia, Malt & Brew is operated by father and son duo, Yftach and Thomas. What began as a small project during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 quickly developed into the business you see today, with unique glasses and barware accessories sent to thousands of homes across Australia.

Glasses with Personality.

Whisky lovers know that it can be hard to find the right glass. Rather than repeating the same, tired designs, our glasses have something to say. A glass with style is the only way to do justice to a good drink.

Business - but better.

The planet matters to us. We use paper-based packaging and low-emission freight to reduce our footprint. You can read more about our goals on our sustainability page.

A Malt & Brew Whisky Wave Glass with a shot of whisky sits on a blue cloth. Malt & Brew Whisky Wave Glasses and a decanter with flowers and fabrics.

An Industry Favourite

Malt & Brew has supplied glassware to Mitsubishi, Volvo Trucks, Dan Murphy's, Boss Hunting, GQ, Vogue Australia, and many more Australian and international brands.

The Manufacturing Process.

Malt & Brew prides itself on being a brand that values quality over quantity. We understand that the success of a glassware brand is highly dependent on the quality of its products, and therefore, we have taken great care to ensure that all our manufacturing is done in small-scale batches.

Our glasses are made in China — but nearly all our products are blown by hand in a single factory. This gives us control over the quality and features of the glassware. We've worked hard with our skilled artisans to ensure every glass feels good to hold and good to drink from.

A wall of orange stone twists and turns in the Australian outback. A wall of orange stone twists and turns in the Australian outback.

Worried about cracks?

We've got you covered. In the unlikely event of a crack or defect, we will send you a replacement glass immediately - no questions asked.

Our Values

Malt & Brew operates from the strong foundation of our core values.


A hand reaches for a Malt & Brew Whisky Wave glass, surrounded by flowers and fruit in chiaroscuro.

Quality matters.

Just okay is not enough. We strive to create a compelling and unique product, manufactured to the highest of standards. That means working closely with our manufacturers and team to provide not only the best value, but also a customer experience to match.


A woman clinks a Malt & Brew glass with the cameraperson in celebration.

Respect for everyone.

For you, for our staff, for all partners and for the environment. Kindness, respect and understanding are core pillars to developing a successful business and we hold ourselves to high expectations and standards.


A glassblower squeezes red-hot glass into shape.

Aussie authenticity.

We are a family-owned, Aussie business. With that comes the responsibility of offering an authentic experience that Aussies expect. That means you can expect us to be transparent, to communicate clearly and always find ways to improve.


Sustainable practice.

We care and we know you do too. We do what we can to help mitigate our carbon footprint. From plastic free packaging to responsible recycling. Every step we take is one towards a better, more sustainable future.

Read about our commitment to sustainability.
A woman clinks a Malt & Brew glass with the cameraperson in celebration.

Don't take our word for it.

Our glasses are used at corporate events, restaurants, bars, and thousands of homes across Australia and New Zealand.

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